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Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q2 2015 (Version 6.50)


Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q2 2015 (Version 6.50)

This document explains how to upgrade Zuora Quotes Q1 2015 Release (version 6.40) to the Q2 2015 release (version 6.50).  

If Zuora Quotes has never been installed in your Salesforce org, perform the standard installation as described in Install the Zuora Quotes Package.

The steps given in this article are based on the latest Salesforce Setup menu. If you are using the older version of the Setup menu in you Salesforce org, you may need to take a slightly different path to access the setup pages. Refer to Salesforce documentation for the exact steps to perform the tasks.

Prepare to Upgrade Zuora Quotes

Install or Upgrade Zuora 360 to Version 2.110

Before you upgrade Zuora Quotes to the Q2 2015 release, we recommend that you install or upgrade Zuora 360 to the version 2.110. 

Run a Manual Sync of Accounts and Related Objects

To ensure that your Salesforce org has the latest Zuora data, log into your Zuora tenant and perform a manual sync of Accounts and Related Objects. See Synchronize Data from Z-Billing for detail instruction.

Upgrade Zuora Quotes to the Q2 2015 Release

Follow the steps to upgrade Zuora Quotes to the latest release:

  1. Install Zuora Quotes
  2. Set Permissions for New Fields
  3. Add the Valid Until Field to the Quote Information Field Set
  4. Set Permissions for New Apex Classes
  5. Run the Quotes Migration Script
    fatal.png The migration script is included in the 6.51 and later versions of Zuora Quotes. You must run the migration script to use 6.5x version of Zuora Quotes.
  6. Update the Quote Template 
  7. Configure New Zuora Config Settings
  8. Review Deprecated Zuora Config Settings
  9. Review for Time Zone Support

Install Zuora Quotes

Request the Zuora Quotes package installation link from Zuora Global Support, and install the version 6.40 of Zuora Quotes. See Install the Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Package for detailed steps. 

Set Permissions for New Fields

In this release, the following new fields were added to the Quote object to support new features: 

Object Name (API Name) Field Name (API Name) Description



Apply Credit Balance


Indicates whether to automatically apply credit balance to invoice when sending the quote with generate invoice option.

Quote Charge Summary




Charge level Delta MRR.

For New Subscription Quotes, this contains the same value as in the MRR field in the Quote Rate Plan Charge object.

For Amendment and Renewal Quotes, this field contains the delta value from the original Subscription.

Quote Charge Summary




Charge level Delta TCV.

For New Subscription Quotes, this contains the same value as in the MRR field in the Quote Rate Plan Charge object.

For Amendment and Renewal Quotes, this field contains the delta value from the original Subscription.

Quote Rate Plan


Product Rate Plan


A look-up field to the Product Rate Plan object.

Quote Rate Plan Charge


Bill Cycle Type


The field specifies how to determine the billing day for the charge.

Quote Rate Plan Charge




Charge level MRR.

Quote Rate Plan Charge




Charge level TCV.

Quote Rate Plan Charge


Product Rate Plan Charge


A look-up to product rate plan charge object.

To each applicable profile, grant permissions for all newly added fields:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.
  2. Select the profile to which you want to grant field-level permissions.
  3. Click Object Settings.
  4. Click the object name.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the Field Permissions section, select the Read and Edit permissions for each new field.
  7. Click Save.

Add the Valid Until Field to the Quote Information Field Set

The Valid Until (zqu__ValidUntl__c) field was added to the Quote Information (zqu__Detail_Quote_Information) field set on the Quote object.

If you want to allow your users to update the Valid Until field, edit the field set to display the Valid Until field on the Quote Detail page.

Set Permissions for New Apex Classes

The following Apex classes were added in this release:

  • zqu.QuoteRatePlanChargeRelinkBatchable
  • zqu.QuoteRatePlanRelinkBatchable

To the user profile who perform 360 Sync, grant access to the new Apex classes:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.
  2. Click the profile to whom you want to grant accesses.
  3. On the Profile page, click Apex Class Access.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. On the Apex Class Access page, click and add the new Apex classes from the Available Apex Classes section to the Enabled Apex Classes section.
  6. Click Save.

Run the Script to Migrate Quotes Data

Due to the quote object refactoring, the New Subscription quotes that were saved in previous versions of Zuora Quotes will not be accessible in this version. Execute the migration script that migrates the New Subscription quote data from the Quote Charge object to the Quote Rate Plan Charge object. You must run the script as a System Administrator.

This migration script will temporarily disable the Store Data in Quote Charge configuration setting while the script is running. You should not enable this setting while the migration script is running.  

  1. Disable any custom triggers or validations in your org.
  2. Open Developer Console.
  3. Navigate to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window.
  4. Enter the following Apex code in the Enter Apex Code window:
       zqu.ZuoraQuotesUpgradeConversion6_51 zuc =
          new zqu.ZuoraQuotesUpgradeConversion6_51();
       ID batchprocessid = Database.executeBatch(zuc);
  5. Click Execute.
  6. Navigate to Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs and verify that the above job is running.
  7. Disabled customer triggers or validations can now be re-enabled.

The migration script is available in the 6.52 release of Zuora Quotes.

If all of the following conditions apply to a quote, the quote will not be migrated by the script:
1. A product, a rate plan, or a rate plan charge was removed from the Product Catalog in Zuora.
2. The Product Catalog was rebuilt in Zuora CPQ by a Sync Cleanup followed by a fresh Product Catalog Sync from Zuora.
3. The Quote and Quote Charges include the product, the rate plan, or the charge removed in Step #1.

Update the Quote Template 

To support the quote data model refactoring, the quote template was updated. Download the latest quote template from Zuora, and use it to replace the old template for New Subscription Quotes.

Configure New Zuora Config Settings

The following settings were introduced in this release. Configure these settings on the Zuora Config tab according to your organization's needs. 

Config Page Setting Field Description
Quote Configuration Settings Store Data in Quote Charge

Select this option if you need to use the deprecated Quote Charge object for reporting purpose.
When this option is selected, the data in Quote Rate Plan Charge will be copied to Quote Charge for New Subscription Quotes.

The setting only affects data created after this option is enabled, and it does not trigger any data migration.

  Apply Credit Balance Select to automatically apply any credit balance on a customer account to invoices.
Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings Maximum Rate Plans Added To Quote

The maximum number of rate plans can be added to Quotes in the Product Selector.

This setting is not applied to global methods.

If not specified, the maximum rate plans will default to 30.

Review Deprecated Zuora Config Settings

The following settings were deprecated in this release:

  • Enable Consolidated Charge-level Reports
  • Enable Amendment Functionality

When you did not want to support Amendments in Zuora Quotes, you used the Enable Amendment Functionality setting in Zuora Config. The setting was deprecated in this release.

Now to disallow users from creating quotes for Amendments:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Click Quote Wizard Setup in the Custom Objects list.
  3. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click Subscription Type.
  4. In the Picklist Values section, click Del next to the Amend Subscription value. 
  5. Click Save.

Review for Time Zone Support

A number of dateTime type fields were changed to the Date type in the version 69 of Zuora WSDL. If you upgraded your WSDL version in the Zuora Connection Setting to 69 to take an advantage of Zuora time zone support and if you have made any customization in Zuora Quotes, you need to:

  • Review Date Field Changes in the SOAP API for the list of effected fields whose type was changed to Date from dateTime.
  • Update your code to reflect the type changes to avoid errors or date mismatching.

Upgrade to Zuora Quotes 6.54

Set Permissions for New Quote Field

In this release, the Quote Business Type (zqu__QuoteBusinessType__c) field was added to the Quote object. Follow the steps to include it as a picklist value for each Record Type. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Quote.
  2. In the Record Types section, repeat the below steps for the Default, Amendment, Renewal, Cancellation record types.
    1. Click the Record Type.
    2. Click Edit next to Quote Business Type.
  3. Add or remove picklist values based on the Record Type and business needs. 
  4. In the Default field, click and select a default value to assign a default picklist value for the Record Type.
  5. Click Save.