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Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2015 (Version 6.40)


Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2015 (Version 6.40)

This document explains how to upgrade Zuora Quotes Q4 2014 Release (version 6.30) to the Q1 2015 release (version 6.40).  

If Zuora Quotes has never been installed in your Salesforce org, perform the standard installation as described in Install the Zuora Quotes Package.

The steps given in this article are based on the latest Salesforce Setup menu. If you are using the older version of the Setup menu in you Salesforce org, you may need to take a slightly different path to access the setup pages. Refer to Salesforce documentationfor the exact steps to perform the tasks.

Prepare to Upgrade Zuora Quotes

Install or Upgrade Zuora 360 to Version 2.100

Before you upgrade Zuora Quotes to the Q3 '14 release, we recommend that you install or upgrade Zuora 360 to the version 2.100. See Upgrade Zuora 360 for the upgrade instruction.

Run a Manual Sync of Accounts and Related Objects

To ensure that your Salesforce org has the latest Zuora data, log into your Zuora tenant and perform a manual sync of Accounts and Related Objects. See Synchronize Data from Z-Billing for detail instruction.

Upgrade Zuora Quotes to the Q1 2015 Release

Follow the steps to upgrade Zuora Quotes to the latest release:

  1. Install Zuora Quotes
  2. Set Permissions for New Fields Added to the Existing Objects
  3. Add New Billing Batch Field Options on the Quote Object
  4. Configure the New Zuora Configuration Settings

Install Zuora Quotes

Request the Zuora Quotes package installation link from Zuora Global Support, and install the version 6.40 of Zuora Quotes. See Install the Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Package for detailed steps. 

Post-installation Jobs

After the installation has completed, a post-installation script automatically starts.

  • If you are upgrading from the Titanium Release (version 6.0), there are a total of five Apex jobs scheduled by the post-installation scrip to migrate the data required for the new features in the Q3 '14 release. 
  • If you are upgrading from the Q1 '14 Release (version 6.1), there is one Apex job scheduled to migrate the data required.    

The following table contains the post-installation jobs and the version they are introduced in: 

  • PopulateGuidedSellingFlowsMigration
  • QuoteChargeSummaryMigration
  • QuoteMigration
  • QuoteRatePlanChargeMigration
  • TermsAndConditionsMigration

These Apex jobs may take awhile to complete. 

To check the status of the post-installation jobs:

  • Navigate to Setup > Administration Setup > Apex Jobs and verify that the jobs have completed. The above post-installation jobs will be listed as ChainedJob in the Apex Jobs table.

Set Permissions for New Fields Added to the Existing Objects

In this release, the following new field was added to the Quote object: 

  • zqu__RenewalSetting__c

To each applicable profile, grant permissions for all newly added fields:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.
  2. Select the profile to which you want to grant field-level permissions.
  3. Click Object Settings.
  4. Click Quotes.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In  the Field Permissions section, select the Read and Edit permissions for each field.
  7. Click Save.

Add New Billing Batch Field Options on the Quote Object

Additional options were available for the Billing Batch field on the Quote object. Now you can select a Billing Batch from Batch1 to Batch50.

To add new options to the Billing Batch field:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Click Quote for Zuora for Salesforce Quotes.
  3. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click Billing Batch.
  4. In the Picklist Values section, click New.
  5. Type the new options values: Batch21 ... Batch50
  6. Select all the Record Type Names.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Check the new options are listed in the Picklist Values section.

Configure the New Zuora Configuration Settings

The following Zuora Configuration settings were introduced or updated in this release. Configure these settings according to your organization's needs as part of the upgrade process.

Zuora Config Setting Page Setting Field Description
Display Scale Settings

List Price for Charge

List Total for Charge

Effective Price for Charge

Total for Charge

Discount for Charge

Use the setting to define the decimal scale for displaying charges.

You need to reset all the fields on this page.

Display Scale Settings

Discount for Tier

Effective Price for Tier

List Price for Tier

Use the setting to define the decimal scale for displaying tiers.

These fields were newly introduced in this release. 


Update Zuora Connection Settings

We recommend that you update your Zuora Connection Settings using the latest Zuora WSDL version. You may encounter a "Server Exception" error if your connection setting uses an old WSDL version.

For example, a new field, RenewalSetting, was added to the Subscription object in WSDL 62.0 To avoid a server exception error, you should update your Zuora connection setting with the 62.0 or higher version of WSDL.

See Zuora Connection Settings for updating the settings to connect to your Zuora instance.