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Zuora Training FAQ


Zuora Training FAQ

Zuora University: End Users + Administrators


What type of training is included with Zuora University: End Users + Administrators?

Zuora University: End Users + Administrators features 140+ online courses covering a variety of topics for beginners, seasoned Zuora product users, and everyone between. Our wide selection of courses allows each user the flexibility to determine how, when, and what they learn. Users may choose from three different course types: self-paced courses offer interactive content with a narrator’s guidance; video courses offer lecture-style explanations from Zuora’s own subject matter experts, and remote classrooms offer live sessions hosted by a member of the Zuora Training team.

View our current offerings in the read-only version of our course library.


Can I earn a certification under this program?

Yes! We have two certification options that we built especially for end users of Zuora products. As part of Zuora University: End Users & Administrators, you can choose to become a Certified Zuora Administrator or a Certified Product Catalog Manager. These certifications are available to all subscribers of this training program.


How do I sign up for Zuora University: End Users + Administrators?

Our flagship training program is available to current users of Zuora products, priced on an annual subscription basis. Subscribers gain unlimited access to our comprehensive course library, which covers all topics related to Zuora products.

Tell us about your interest in Zuora University on this form. A member of the Zuora sales team will get back to you.


Once I've joined, how do I get access?

After the order form has been executed, you or your Zuora Sales representative may contact Zuora Training to request access. In order to create your account, all we need is your first name, last name, and professional email address.

Once we’ve granted your request for access, you will receive a "Welcome to Zuora University" email with registration and login details. If you are missing this email or need it resent, let us know. We can also manually reset your password in the event that you become locked out of your account.


Can I access training from inside the Zuora Billing platform?

No. The Zuora University platform is hosted outside of Zuora products. You'll need to access your training materials separately at


Can I share a training account with my coworker?

No. Access to the Zuora University platform is priced per seat, and our user terms and agreement explains that only one person at a time may utilize a single seat. For this reason, we don’t allow departmental email addresses to be used when creating a new student account.

However, it’s possible for you to complete your training, then pass your seat along for someone else to use. You can find details about that process in the next question below.


What if my colleague no longer needs training access or has left the company?

Contact and let us know. We can quickly and easily deactivate that user’s account in order to make space for a new student! If you’d like to get someone else (or yourself) started with that license, please give us a first name, last name, and professional email address.


I need to learn about a specific topic, but I can’t find it in the Zuora University catalog.

Contact and tell us about your needs — odds are, we can find what you’re looking for in our existing course library!

In the rare event that we haven’t yet built training for that topic, we’ll add it to our to-do list. We’d love to hear your input: let us know if you're willing to set aside time for a short meeting so that our training designers can better understand tasks you need to complete, the areas that are confusing, etc. This type of information helps us create courses for the most effective learning possible.


How do I sign up for Remote Classroom training with an instructor?

Once you've logged in to Zuora University, select "Remote Classroom" from the left-hand pick list to filter the courses you see. Browse until you find something that interests you, then click into it. Once you’re in your chosen course’s description page, click “enter” to register for a remote classroom session. On the registration page, you’ll be able to select the time/day that works with your schedule.

If you prefer a calendar view of what’s coming up soon, visit our Remote Classroom calendar.


Zuora Guided Implementation


Who’s a good candidate for Zuora Guided Implementation?

ZGI is meant for companies with a relatively simple subscription business. By “relatively simple” we mean one to two products, a single sales channel, no freemium model, sales in one to two countries, etc.


How do I assess whether Zuora Guided Implementation is the right solution for my company?

Contact us at Our pre-sales experts will gather information about your business, your growth plans, other systems you use, and more. We’ll use that information to determine if this implementation approach is right for you.


Once my company has signed up for Zuora Guided Implementation, how do I get access?

Once your contracts are signed with Zuora, a member of our Global Services team will reach out to schedule a kickoff, at which time s/he will review an overall project plan, introduce you to the program, and give you access. If you have joined the program and have questions about your kickoff status, email us at


How is Zuora Guided Implementation structured?

ZGI coursework is sequenced into learning paths; each learning path focuses on one specific aspect of Zuora Billing. We’ll provide you with a checklist of tasks to perform, directions for those tasks, and a template for the information you’ll gather before getting started. After completing the template, you’ll meet with an implementation expert from our Global Services team who will review your materials, decide whether you’re ready to move ahead, and give you pointers for your next steps. You’ll meet with your designated implementation expert at specific checkpoints throughout the program. S/he will regularly review your work, help you work through trouble spots and guide you through any necessary adjustments.


I’m a user of Zuora Guided Implementation and I need help. Where do I go with my questions?

We welcome questions and know you’re likely to have them as you work through your implementation. As part of the program, you’ll have check-in meetings at defined points with a member of our Global Services team. As you move along, gather your questions and bring them with you to the check-in meeting. Our implementation experts will work through each question with you!

If your concerns are more urgent and you can’t wait until your next check-in, email us for help at


How long does it take to complete an implementation with this approach?

It typically takes companies 4-8 weeks to go from kickoff to go live. While the actual set up in Zuora can be done quickly, the variability in time often results from time it takes our customers’ implementation leads to gather the necessary information to ensure Zuora is set up best to meet a company’s business goals.


Where can I access the materials I need for Zuora Guided Implementation?

Your training materials are located at When you sign up for the program, you’ll be given login credentials to access the site. You’ll visit the same place to schedule check-in meetings with Zuora implementation experts.

If you’re having trouble accessing your account, email us for help at


Will I maintain access to Zuora Guided Implementation materials after my company’s go-live?

Once you complete implementation and your company officially “goes live” on Zuora, you’ll maintain access to training materials in for 30 days. After those 30 days pass, your account will be deactivated.


Zuora University: Consultants + Implementers


How do I sign up for Zuora University: Consultants + Implementers?

This training program is available to consultants (independent or those who work for one of Zuora’s partner companies) and other implementers of our products (e.g., members of Zuora customers’ IT organizations).

Tell us about your interest in this form. A member of the Zuora Training team will get back to you.


How can I become certified as an implementer of Zuora?

You’ll need to join Zuora University: Consultants + Implementers. As a subscriber, you’ll complete coursework and practice exercises before attempting a certification exam. Then you’ll be certified at the Foundation level, and can pursue the Advanced and Expert-level certifications!


What type of training is included with Zuora University: Consultants + Implementers?

This training program is broken into three levels of certification: Foundation, Advanced, and Expert. At each level, you’ll complete a prescribed set of coursework in our course library and work through related practice exercises in your Zuora Sandbox before taking a certification exam. The Advanced and Expert levels both require that you also perform a certain number of work-hours on actual implementation projects before you’re eligible to take the exam.

The bulk of the program’s training content is built into our courses, which are sequenced into topic-specific learning paths. We cover every topic that’s related to Zuora products and the process of implementing them, and you’ll be required to complete every course in the order they’re arranged. If you’d like to learn more about specific course titles and topical content, reach out to us at

In addition to the course content that’s mandatory for this program, participants will also have access to our end user courses — everything from Zuora University: End Users + Administrators. This content is provided for you to reference on an as-needed basis.


How do I gain access to the certification exams?

Consultants and other implementers of our products (e.g., members of Zuora customers’ IT organizations) gain access to certification exams after subscribing to the training program and completing the mandatory prerequisite training. As part of your annual subscription fee, you’ll have access to certification exams as well as refresher exams (to maintain your certification). We’ll send you an email inviting you to join our testing platform.

If you need help accessing the testing platform, email us for help at


Can I attempt to earn certification by just paying an exam fee (i.e., without signing up for the implementer training program)?

No, we don’t offer that at this time. Certification exams are made available to subscribers of our implementer training program.


Why don’t you offer ad-hoc online training for consultants?

Our software is continually evolving, and it’s important for the health of our business that Zuora consultants and implementers are up-to-date with our newly released features. Every time our product line is updated or expanded, we produce relevant training for each implementer to take before trying out these updated features in their personal Zuora sandbox. Choosing to offer subscription-based access only for Zuora University: Consultants + Implementers helps us ensure that those working on Zuora implementation projects have an advanced and current skill set.


What can you tell me about the certification exams?

Each exam contains 75-100 multiple-choice questions, must be completed within 2.5 hours, and is proctored (either in person at a test site of your choice or online with monitoring via webcam). For more information, please click the button on this page that says “Certification Guide.”


What’s the minimum score to pass a certification exam?

You must score at least 70% to pass a certification exam.


How long is my certification valid?

Certifications are valid as long as you continue to pass each refresher exam. The release of these exams coincides with Zuora’s biannual release announcements (typically every Spring and Fall). After each exam is made available, current subscribers will have up to 90 days to pass the exam and maintain their certification status.

If you choose to end your subscription to this training program, your certification will remain valid for up to six months, until the next refresher exam is made available. At this point, your knowledge is effectively outdated and we can no longer certify you.


In what languages are Zuora certification exams available?

Currently, our certification exams are available only in English.