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Subscribing to Zuora University


Subscribing to Zuora University

While basic training courses are available to everyone for free, our advanced training is only available through a paid subscription to Zuora University. We offer a variety of courses that touch upon every topic related to Zuora Billing, Zuora Revenue, and subscriptions in general in our effort to meet the needs of Zuora customers and partners alike. Subscribing students may complete individual courses of their choosing, or elect to follow curated learning paths and become certified in a particular subject area.

To review Zuora University’s certification options, please visit Our available certification tracks include:

  • The Zuora Administrator Learning Path, for those who wish to become a certified Zuora Administrator
  • Zuora Billing Implementer Training, for those who wish to become a certified Zuora Billing Analyst, then a certified Zuora Billing Consultant
  • Zuora Revenue Implementer Training, for those who wish to become a certified Zuora Revenue Analyst

Subscribers to Zuora University may take all certification exams for free, while non-subscribers are restricted to one certification option, and must pay a fee to take that exam. Similarly, subscribers may attend live-taught virtual classes for free and receive priority registration, while non-subscribers must pay a fee for each class.

Every Zuora University subscriber receives access to a dedicated training sandbox, which provides an up-to-date environment for putting new knowledge into practice.  This benefit is only available to paying subscribers and cannot be purchased separately.

If you have questions about Zuora University’s paid subscription, please reach out to us at

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