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Zuora training options


Zuora training options

Zuora University began as an online library of self-guided courses. As Zuora’s product offerings have evolved, the accompanying training has grown alongside it. Besides self-paced courses, Zuora University now offers a robust suite of additional options, from live-taught virtual classes to role-specific certification tracks. Whether you’re a Zuora customer, prospect, or partner, we have training for you!

Free basic Zuora training is available to everyone through the Zuora University site. Many Zuora customers are Zuora University subscribers and enjoy access to more advanced content and additional resources. To see what’s included with a subscription to Zuora University, please visit the Subscribing to Zuora University informational page.

To explore Zuora University and utilize our free basic training content, please visit

If you have questions about Zuora’s available training options, please reach out to us at