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Payment Gateways


Payment Gateways

In this section, you will learn about payment gateways and how to configure a payment gateway in Zuora.

About Payment Gateways

In the prior section, we reviewed how to create an invoice in Z-Billing. After an invoice is created, you can use Z-Payments to collect payment from a customer using:

  • Electronic payments, such as credit card, ACH, or debit card 
  • External payments, such as check or cash 

If your company plans to accept electronic payment methods, you need to configure a payment gateway prior to setting up your customer accounts. The configuration process involves entering the key credentials for your payment gateway account. Once a payment gateway is configured and enabled in Z-Payments, you can begin collecting payments electronically for any customers who have chosen credit card, ACH, or debit card as their preferred payment method. 

Key Concepts

Here are the key concepts to understand when managing payment gateways in Zuora:

  • Payment Gateway: A payment gateway is a service provider that allows e-businesses to authorize credit cards and collect payments using electronic methods, including credit card, ACH, and debit cards, from an e-commerce website. The payment gateway provider ensures that all credit card information is handled in a secure, PCI (Payment Card Industry)-compliant manner. Zuora allows you to set up one or more payment gateways in Z-Payments to use for payment processing.
  • Zuora Test Payment Gateway: If your company has not signed on with a payment gateway provider, you can test Z-Payments functionality using the Test Gateway to simulate credit card transactions.
  • Verifying Credit Cards: Zuora can send an authorization request to your payment gateway when a new payment method is created or an existing payment method is updated. The authorization request verifies the authenticity of the credit card and provides increased protection against a fraud.

Additional Resources and Activities

To learn more about payment gateways: