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Zuora University’s Free Content for Everyone


Zuora University’s Free Content for Everyone

Training isn’t one-size-fits-all, and we recognize that not everyone needs an exhaustive understanding of Zuora products. Your business might be using Zuora products out-of-the-box, with few or no customizations and a fairly straightforward use case.  In this scenario, your Billing team can work effectively knowing only the essentials, and a full Zuora University subscription may not be necessary. That’s where Zuora University’s free basic training comes in!

What’s available for free:

To help meet all customers’ needs, we worked to identify what constitutes essential Zuora knowledge, then made that training content available for free. As a free user, you’ll navigate to Zuora University at, self-create your Zuora University account, and return to the home page to get started. Those who seek support for specific topics can use the filters on the “On-Demand Courses By Topic” page to find the perfect self-paced course. Those who prefer more structured training can enter the “Zuora Administrator Learning Path” to follow a guided track of essential knowledge.

In addition to the free resources listed above, anyone can register for a live-taught virtual class for a one-time fee. To explore upcoming sessions and reserve your seat, please visit the Virtual Classes page in Zuora University.