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TeamCollaboration Tutorial: Create a Subscription


TeamCollaboration Tutorial: Create a Subscription

This portion of the TeamCollaboration tutorials walks you through the subscription creation process.

The exercises will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.


With the launch of its new products, TeamCollaboration is now faced with a new set of challenges. Not only does it want to sell new products to new customers, but the sales team wants the flexibility to offer discounts and other incentives on longer term deals. For example, the sales team might want to offer a customer reduced pricing for a commitment to a two or three year subscription.

In this tutorial, you will create a subscription for that customer. A subscription represents a set of products or services that a customer has purchased and includes all the information about how that customer is to be charged for use of that subscription.

Exercise 1: Create a Subscription

Objective: To create a new subscription for a customer.

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customer Accounts and click the ABC, Inc. customer account you created in the prior exercise.
  2. Click create new subscription.
  3. In the Basic Information section on the New Subscription page, specify the following:
    • Term Setting: Evergreen
      TeamCollaboration has decided to make this subscription evergreen to avoid the need to deal with contract expirations and renewals for this Basic edition customer. 
  4. In the Product & Charges section, select the values for the following fields:
    • Product: TeamCollab Basic
    • Rate Plan: Basic Monthly Rate Plan.
  5. Click save and activate.
  6. You will be prompted for a contract effective date when the subscription goes into effect. The contract effective date tells Zuora when to start billing. Enter today's date into that field and any other required fields and click save.
    Zuora will begin to bill ABC, Inc. for charges today.

Exercise 2: Create a Subscription with Custom Pricing Terms

TeamCollaboration’s sales team wants the flexibility to offer its Enterprise product with custom pricing and term lengths. For example, the team wants the flexibility to reduce the price of the Annual plan by up to $100/year if the customer agrees to a three-year commitment.

Objective: To create a subscription and override the subscription settings to customize term length and pricing terms.

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customer Accounts.
  2. Click ABC, Inc.
    This customer is willing to make a three-year commitment to the Enterprise product in return for a discounted rate.
  3. Click create new subscription.
  4. In the Basic Information section, specify the following field values:
    • Term Setting: Termed
    • Initial Term: 36
      This tells Zuora that this customer will have a three-year commitment and will be billed every year for the next three years.
  5. In the Product & Charges section, select the values for the following fields:
    • Product: TeamCollab Enterprise
    • Rate Plan: Enterprise Annual.
    • For the Annual Fee charge in the charges table, change the unit price to $599.99 to apply the $100/year discount.
  6. Click save and activate.
  7. Enter the first of next month as the contract effective date, and click save.

ABC, Inc. now has a three-year subscription to TeamCollab Enterprise and has been given a $100/year discount for making a long-term commitment.

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