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Zuora Settings


Zuora Settings

In this section, you are introduced to settings that you can use to customize Zuora.

Zuora Application Settings

Zuora supports an extensive array of configuration settings, providing you with the flexibility and controls to customize your Zuora solution to fit your specific needs. Within each module, there are a number of configuration settings, with some settings being visible to all users and others visible only to those with administrator-level access. For example, only an administrator can add new users to your tenant or create custom user roles that restrict access to certain operations.

A few settings in particular that you may want to review and configure in advance are:

Module Setting Description
Administration Manage User Roles This setting is viewable to administrators, who can create custom roles to control user permissions at a granular level.
Billing Customize Units of Measure (UOM) UOMs are used for rate plans that have per-unit pricing to rate any unit of measure that is part of your pricing and packaging.
Billing Customize Currency (Multi-Currency Support) Enable all the currencies your company needs to use.
Billing Manage Custom Fields Create custom fields for the objects in Zuora to store custom information required for your business and/or reporting.
Billing Select Charge Models Activate the charge models your company will use, for example, Flat Fee, Overage or Tiered Pricing.
Billing Manage Billing Document Configuration Create and edit your invoice templates. For example, you can customize the look and feel to include your company logo and contact information. You can also control document numbering.
Billing Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates (Customer Notifications)

Set up customer notifications and manage the rules around those notifications to automate communications to your end customers through email and callout notifications.

Payments Set Up a Payment Gateway If your company plans to accept electronic payments, e.g. credit cards, configure your payment gateways first.
Payments Define Payment Methods Specify which payment methods your company will accept, e.g, cash, check, or credit card.
Finance Configure Aging Balance Settings Specify the age ranges for the aging buckets and whether to include negative invoices in the AR Aged Invoice report. 

Additional Resources and Activities

To learn more about the Zuora Application Settings, consider the following:

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