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Zuora System Health


Zuora System Health

Zuora System Health contains dashboards that display key metrics on usage, performance, and failures of your Zuora products. The API dashboard displays data in the last 14 days and other dashboards display data in the last 30 days. You can use these dashboards to monitor and gain insights from system metrics in real-time. You can specify the time range and subset of data using the filter on each dashboard. With the data retrieved from the System Health dashboards, you can diagnose issues and take actions efficiently.

Available System Health dashboards

The following dashboards are available. Click the links below to visit the specific document of each dashboard.


System Health is enabled for your Zuora tenant.

The tenant admin needs to assign users who need to access this feature a Platform role that contains the Access System Health Dashboard permission. 

  1. Go to Administration Settings Manage User Roles
  2. Make sure the Platform role to be assigned contains the Access System Health Dashboard permission.

After you are assigned the Access System Health Dashboard permission, you should see a System Health section under Administration in the left navigation in Zuora UI.

For more information about how to manage user roles, see User Roles.