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Moneris (eSelectPLUS Canada)


Moneris (eSelectPLUS Canada)

Moneris is a full payment services provider offering payment processing, gateway, and acquiring services. Moneris is based in Canada and is owned by the Royal Bank of Canada. Moneris has two gateways available, one for USA and one for Canada. Zuora is pre-integrated with the Moneris' eSelectPLUS Canada gateway.

Configure the Gateway

Contact Zuora Global Support to enable this gateway in your tenant.

Once the gateway is enabled for your tenant, configure your gateway by going to  Payments Settings > Setup Payment Gateway page. When selecting a Gateway Type, choose Moneris (eSELECTplus Canada).

Common Fields for Configuration

There are some common fields you must complete for every gateway configuration. We recommend reviewing our Setup Payment Gateway documentation for information on these common fields: 

  • Name
  • Use Gateway Test Environment
  • Cards Accepted
  • Default Authorization Amount
  • Verify new payment method (optional)
  • Verify updated payment method (optional)


In addition to the common fields, every gateway has unique requirements and information (such as credentials and certain rules) that you must provide to configure the gateway in Zuora. Here are the following credentials unique to the eSelectPLUS gateway configuration:

Store ID

The eSelectPLUS Store ID is provided to you by Moneris when you sign up for a Moneris account.

API Token

This API token is available in your Moneris eSelectPLUS account > Admin > Store settings. Copy the API token value and enter into your Zuora gateway configuration. 


eSelectPLUS supports eFraud tools that include AVS (address verification services), CVV (card verification value) code checking, as well as the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services. Select the eFraud option in your gateway configuration if you have the eFraud feature enabled in your eSelectPLUS merchant account.


Select the crypt type that is most applicable for your payment transactions choosing from the picklist provided. If you are not sure which option to select, work with your Moneris support team to confirm the most appropriate option for your merchant account. 

Stored Credential Transactions

Moneris gateway integration includes support for the Stored Credential Transactions framework. For details about the supported payment methods, see Support for stored credential transactions overview.

Testing Your Configuration

We recommend testing your selected payment gateway using both your payment gateway's test and production (live) environments.  Once you have completed testing in the gateway's test environment, it is recommended that you perform a test in your live production environment with a real credit card. If there are any differences in the configuration of your testing and production accounts, testing in production ensures your production merchant account is set up properly and can successfully connect to the production environment.

Accessing Your Gateway's Test Environment

Some payment gateways provide separate credentials for merchants to access their testing environment, some gateways use the same credentials for testing as for the production (live) environment but direct test transactions to a different URL, and other gateways do a little of both. Moneris eSelectPLUS customers utilize a shared testing environment. 

Accessing Test or Production (Live) Mode from Zuora

When configuring the Moneris eSelectPLUS payment gateway in Zuora, you can indicate whether you would like to use the eSelectPLUS test environment or the eSelectPLUS production environment. 

  • If Use Gateway Test Environment is selected, Zuora will direct payment transactions to the eSelectPLUS test environment.
  • If Use Gateway Test Environment is not selected (disabled), Zuora will direct payment transactions to the eSelectPLUS production (live) environment. 

When using the Moneris testing environment, you will need to use the testing credentials provided in the Moneris documentation (see section below on Test Credit Cards and Testing Scenarios). Zuora ensures your payment transactions are routed to the right environment based on whether the Use Gateway Test Environment is selected. 

Test Credit Cards and Testing Scenarios

Information on testing credit cards and test scenarios are available in the Moneris eSelectPLUS Merchant Resource Center

For additional guidance on testing, feel free to contact the Moneris eSelectPLUS support team or  email

General Testing Information

Integration Testing

Zuora has been certified with Moneris as an integration partner and maintains the integration on an ongoing basis, thoroughly testing the integration with every new release. The Moneris eSelectPLUS integration documentation is helpful if you are integrating the eSelectPLUS gateway directly with your website, however, you do not need to perform any integration or certification testing to submit transactions to the eSelectPLUS gateway via the Zuora application. The intended audience for the integration guides are technical integrators, however, these documents can be helpful to non-technical integrators who can refer to it for information on testing and troubleshooting gateway errors (as described below).

Performance and Volume Testing

In general, gateway testing environments are intended to give merchants the opportunity to test their gateway and integrations to their gateway, in order to work out any bugs before going to the production environment. Some gateway test environments are shared amongst multiple merchants, and other gateways provide unique testing environments for each merchant. Additionally, gateway test environments (also referred to as certification or sandbox environments) do not have the same high availability or performance capability as production environments. As such, they are not intended for load testing. Merchants performing high volumes of load testing that puts a stress on a shared test environment may receive a warning from the gateway or have their access to the testing environment suspended.

Troubleshooting Gateway Errors

There are several ways to obtain information on gateway errors:

Make Sure You Are Not Re-Trying an Invalid Card Too Many Times

We recommend that you check the payment in Zuora to see how many times the same payment method has been retried for payment and failed. If there have been several retries, check the error messages from the beginning with the first failure and the more recent failures to determine if the error message is the same. If a merchant tries to process a payment against the same credit card too many times despite receiving errors, this could trigger warnings to the card issuing bank. The card issuing bank may place an alert on the account and not allow any further transactions from the merchant using that payment method. When a mechant has been flagged, the error received on the payment may be not state the reason why, instead it might be a generic error decline error. In this case, the merchant (Zuora customer) should work with Moneris to see if they can identify the problem with the payment method. If the processor does not know, then the merchant and/or the card holder can try calling their card issuing bank to look into the issue.

Moneris Response Code Whitelist for Payment Declined Notification

The following Moneris response codes will be included in an email notification to your end customer if the payment creation failed and you have enabled the Payment Declined Notification feature. These codes apply to customer issues, such as insufficient amount and incorrect credit card number errors. 

Zuora CCTransactionResultCode Moneris Response Code
Declined 050, 052, 053, 054
076, 077, 079, 080, 081, 082, 083, 089
416, 421, 422, 423, 437, 438, 476, 477, 478, 479, 480, 481, 483, 485
CardSecurityCodeCheckingFailed 096, 122, 201 
486, 487, 489, 490
FraudProtectionDeclined 057, 058, 059, 072
InvalidCreditCardNumber 064, 066, 070, 071, 073, 075, 097
InvalidCreditExpirationDate 051, 208, 430, 475, 482, 484, 901
BankAccountTypeInvalid 060

Codes for merchant errors (invalid gateway credentials) or system errors (server timeout) are not included in this list, and will not be sent to your customers.