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SlimPay Payment Gateway


SlimPay Payment Gateway

SlimPay provides a direct debit payments API ideal for organizations of all-size operating payments for subscriptions or pay-as-you-go businesses. 

Supported Payment Methods

  • SEPA
  • Credit Card Reference (Tokenization)

For more information about setting up payment methods in Zuora, see Define and set up payment methods.

Support for mandate creation

Among the supported payment methods, Zuora supports mandate creation for SEPA payment methods. Zuora will generate and pass the mandate to the gateway.

Supported Currencies

  • EUR (SEPA)
  • GBP (Direct Debit UK)

Supported Payment Operations

  • Validate Payment Method
  • Payment
  • Void Payment
  • Refund (tagged refund)

Support for Delayed Capture

The Delayed Capture feature allows you to authorize the availability of funds for a transaction but delay the capture of funds until a later time. Zuora's SlimPay gateway supports Delayed Capture for Credit Card Reference payment methods, which involves the use of the following API operations:

Note: Zuora also supports capturing authorizations that were generated externally to call the Zuora's Create authorization API operation. 

Supported Gateway Reconciliation Event Types

The SlimPay gateway supports the following Gateway Reconciliation event types:

  • Settlement
  • Rejection

Configure the SlimPay Gateway


You will need to obtain the following information from SlimPay before configuring the SlimPay payment gateway in Zuora:

  • App ID: This ID is the username to access SlimPay's APIs.
  • App Secret: The password for the App ID.
  • Creditor Reference: This is the unique identifier of a merchant/partner within SlimPay's application.
  • Label: The soft descriptors that will be added to the Payment call to the gateway. 

Configuration Fields

There are some common fields you must complete for every gateway configuration. We recommend reviewing Setting Up Payment Gateways for information on these fields: 

  • Name
  • Use Gateway Test Environment
  • Default Authorization Amount, Verify new payment method, and Verify updated payment method can be ignored for SlimPay
  • Enable Reconciliation: Triggers a daily job to reconcile all payment events processed through the gateway. 

In addition to the common fields, you must provide the required information to configure the SlimPay gateway in Zuora. 

  • App ID
  • App Secret
  • Creditor Reference
  • Label: Enter the necessary soft descriptors. This field is only accessible through the gateway configuration page. 

Once you have entered the necessary information, click save gateway information.

Credit Card Reference Transactions

Zuora supports SlimPay tokens. Tokens are used for credit card reference transactions in Zuora. A reference transaction is simply a representation of a credit card payment method without having sensitive payment method information like the credit card number stored in Zuora. Please note that the token cannot be used with another gateway, which is why we recommend storing credit card information in Zuora whenever possible.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Zuora’s SlimPay integration supports Card Aliases via the Credit Card Reference Transaction payment method. This feature allows you to leverage the SlimPay’s card-alias API to create credit card payments against subscriptions.

The following table shows the field mapping between Zuora and SlimPay for Credit Card Reference Transaction payment methods.

PaymentMethod.TokenId Card-Alias: id
PaymentMethod.SecondTokenId Card-Alias: reference

When creating a payment method from the Zuora UI or API, you need to populate the token generated from SlimPay only in the TokenId field on the payment method. Zuora automatically populates the value for the SecondTokenId field according to the value of the Slimpay API Card-Alias: reference field.

Gateway Reconciliation

  • SlimPay supports gateway reconciliation failed payment events, and payment reversals
  • Gateway Reconciliation job status can be viewed beginning at 02:00 UTC.
  • Any direct debit payment that does not have any direct debit issue associated and has been executed on its execution date, the payment is considered settled. The system will mark these transactions as settled and any rejected payments as rejected and create external refunds for them. 

See Gateway Reconciliation for more information.

Testing Your Configuration

We recommend that you test your payment gateway using both your payment gateway's test and production (live) environments.  Once you have completed testing in the gateway's test environment, it is recommended that you perform a test in your live production environment with a real credit card. If there are any differences in the configuration of your testing and production accounts, testing in production ensures your production merchant account is set up properly and can successfully connect to the production environment.

You can use the test card information and testing scenarios provided by the gateway vendor to test your integration. See SlimPay's documentation for details.


SlimPay gateway integration does not support non-referenced refunds.