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Enable 3DS2 for Worldline Global Collect gateway integration


Enable 3DS2 for Worldline Global Collect gateway integration

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) is a widely recommended solution for strong customer authentication (SCA) under PSD2. Zuora's Worldline Global Collect gateway integration provides support for 3DS2 through the embedded iFrame of Payment Pages 2.0.

To comply with PSD2 using 3DS2, the following updates are required:

  1. Enable 3DS2 for your Worldline Global Collect merchant account.
  2. Configure 3DS2 settings in Payment Pages.

Then you can implement and use Payment Pages 2.0 as usual. See Payment Pages 2.0 implementation overview for more information.

With 3DS2 implemented and enabled, when end customers are challenged while transacting on your Payment Page, they will get held up on the challenge window before passing the validation. The callback page is displayed only when they are authenticated. A payment method ID is also generated and returned. 

If your customers failed the strong customer authentication, the [ThreeDs2_Authentication_Exception] error code and the actual error message are returned. The error code is common across all gateways, while the error message is gateway-specific.

Enable 3DS2 for your merchant account

Before configuring your Zuora tenant, you must enable 3DS2 for your Worldline Global Collect merchant account. Contact Worldline Global Collect Support to get 3DS2 enabled. 

If you are using the Worldline Global Collect Legacy gateway integration in Zuora, you can migrate to Worldline Global Collect to enable 3DS2. Contact Worldline Global Collect Support to correctly set up your merchant account so that payments can be collected via Worldline Global Collect. Later, you can configure a Worldline Global Collect gateway instance. The API Key ID and Secret API Key can be found in your Worldline Global Collect merchant console.

Enable 3DS2 settings in Payment Pages

When setting up a Payment Page, select the Enable 3D Secure 2.0 checkbox and select the created gateway instance from the Default Payment Gateway dropdown list. You can complete other settings as usual.


Zuora recommends you to enable the CAPTCHA challenge feature so that you can limit the number of times end customers can attempt to submit the form after they fail the authentication. CAPTCHA challenge can be used with the 3DS2 feature to prevent potential bot attacks and reinforce the transaction security.

For more information about enabling and configuring CAPTCHA, see Security Measures for Payment Pages 2.0.

If you select a gateway integration that does not support 3DS2, an error message is displayed when saving the Payment Page.

The "Best practices" section in Zuora’s implementation of 3D Secure 2.0 provides best practices for reducing the possibility of failed transactions due to 3DS2 authentication errors.


The following limitations apply to the Worldline Global Collect gateway:

  • Do not enable both 3D Secure and 3D Secure 2.0 in the Payment Page. 
  • As of September 5, 2019, the Worldline Global Collect gateway is not ready with schemaTransactionId that is related to the grandfathering approach. Therefore, the schemaTransactionId or initialSchemaTransactionId field is not included in the payment response. This is a known issue and Worldline Global Collect is working on it.