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Administrator Settings


Administrator Settings

This article introduces you to Zuora Settings and provides links to topics that describe how to configure your personal and administration settings in Zuora. See Billing Settings and Payments Settings for information about additional settings in Zuora.

You must have Administrator-level access to configure these settings. See User Roles for more information.

While some alternative applications provide a control panel for users to manage their settings, they are often quite limited in their support for customizing an application to your unique business needs. Zuora provides you the flexibility and controls to customize our solution for your specific needs through the use of sophisticated configuration Settings (located at the upper-right navigation bar of the Zuora UI). Within each module, there are a number of available configuration settings, with some settings being visible by all users and others visible only to those with administrator-level access. For example, only an administrator can add new users to your tenant or create custom user roles that restrict access to certain operations within Zuora for certain user groups.

Navigation: Settings > Personal Settings or Settings > Administration Settings.