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Data Loader Overview


Data Loader Overview


Data Loader brings out the following performance enhancements to the Billing platform.

Consistent and improved performance

Billing offers ten distinct methods (UI and API) to manage data in bulk. But the legacy experiences were rate-limited, requiring user knowledge on configuring batch size and threads to optimize performance and throughput.

Data Loader dynamically scales out through native internal infrastructure resulting in consistently higher performance. 

Accurate, minimized manual effort, and faster resolution

Data Loader incorporates the ability to auto-map the fields between the source file and target fields in the tenant. This association reduces the failed migrations while the user performs an import, update, and delete action. 

The validation interface will allow the users to identify exceptions at a row level and modify the data before it is ingested into the tenant. Users can create an incremental import job by resolving the failed records and resubmitting the job instantly through the list view interface of Data Loader.

Target Audience

  • Zuora’s Data Migration Consultants 
  • Alliances Data Migration Consultants 
  • Customer business operations:
    • IT Analyst / Admin
    • Developer / Integration Admin
    • Product
  • Zuora product owners, presales, sales (loading data for demo)
  • Zuora Sales Engineers  (loading test data for demo)

Data Loader benefits

  • Specifically designed infrastructure for mass data ingest
  • Single navigational entry point available to manage all data imports
  • Data Management UI to ingest/import CSV files
  • Process queue is enabled to monitor/kill the process as needed
  • Data/process validations
  • Field mapping facility between the source and target 
  • Errors presented and back in a Review Errors UI (kept 30 days)
  • Users can fix errors inline and can resubmit
  • Audit Trail built in at the core level
  • Receive notifications/alerts for process completion
  • Granular level permission method to support persona-driven upload, correct, and accept operations

Release Scope

Current Release Scope 

Currently, Data Loader is available in this release, as the first version of MVP has been released. It supports the following actions and objects:

  • Abort and cancel a job
  • Create import and delete job
  • Upload CSV files
  • Delete records
  • View job details
  • Download processed records
  • Handle failed records
  • Field mapping
  • Validation
  • Supported objects: 
    • Accounts and Contact
    • Accounting Code
    • Accounting Periods
    • Credit Memo from Charge
    • Credit Memo from Invoices
    • Custom Objects
    • Debit Memo from Charge
    • Debit Memo from Invoices
    • Payments
    • Payment Schedule
    • Product 
    • Product Rate Plan
    • Product Rate Plan Charge
    • Standalone Invoices
    • Subscription
    • Units of Measure
    • Usage

Known behavior

See Data Loader known behavior for more information.