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Billing: ReverseInvoice


Billing: ReverseInvoice

This task is only available if Invoice Settlement is enabled in your tenant.

The Reverse Invoice task reverses an invoice for correcting a posted invoice and re-billing. This task simplifies the invoice reversal process by automatically completing multiple operations in a single task, including generating a credit memo, applying the credit memo to the incorrect voice, resetting the charge through date, and flagging the incorrect invoice as reversed.

For more information about invoice reversal, see Invoice Reversal.


Task Settings

  • Apply Effective Date - The date when the credit memo was applied to the invoice that will be reversed. The effective date must be later than or equal to the memo date.
  • Memo Date - The date when the credit memo was created. The memo date must be later than or equal to the invoice date.


An invoice cannot be reversed under certain conditions. Refer to the Restrictions section of Invoice Reversal for details.