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Using Delimiters


Using Delimiters

Data Loader allows the import of data in CSV-UTF 8 format. The CSV files use delimiters for separating the values and the fields. 

Data Loader supports the following Delimiters:

Comma (,)
Tab (\t)
Pipe (|)
Semicolon (;)
Dot (.)
Tilde (~)
Colon (:)

Please remember to incorporate “” if the data in the CSV contains any of the above mentioned delimiters as a value in the csv. For example, if the data in the csv is in the following format:



Here (,) is used for separating values and can also be used as a delimiter. In order to avoid misinterpretation of data, enter the values in the following format:


This will help the system in understanding that “Joe” “Dane” are separate values.

If you have a CSV and double quotes are required to be added, you can use the following tools and steps for modifying the data. 

  1. Take a back up of the CSV before modifying the data.

  2. Open the CSV in a Text Editor (Notepad/Windows/Textedit on Mac) or a spreadsheet software ( Google Sheets or MS Excel)

  3. Identify the values and add the quotes.

  4. Save the modified file and start the import job.