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Billing: Currency Conversion


Billing: Currency Conversion

The currency conversion task converts values of selected data fields from one currency to another using exchange rates from exchange rate providers. Currently, Oanda is the only supported exchange rate provider. To use this task, you need to have access to the exchange rate service of Oanda. 

The exchange rates are averaged for the 24-hour period ending at 22:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the day before Oanda posts them. The bid rate is used.

To learn more about currency conversion in Zuora, see Manage Currency Conversion.

Task Settings

Currency Tab

  • Date - Specify the exchange rate date for the data.
  • Data offset - If date offset is 1, the task will use exchanges rates one day before the exchange rate date. For example, if the exchange rate date is Jan. 8, 2019 and the date offset is 1, then exchanges rates from Jan. 7, 2019 will be used in the conversion. 
  • Source Currency - The original currency of the transaction data. 
  • Target Currency - The currency that you want to convert to. 
  • Select Field for Conversion - It's recommended to select all applicable data fields that you will use. 

Credentials Tab

  • Conversion System - Select Oanda. Now it is the only supported exchange rates provider.
  • Domain - This field is automatically entered. 
  • OAuth Token - Enter your OAuth token for Oanda. You need to get the token from Oanda. See the Oanda Developer Guide for more information.