Install the Hosted Payment Pages Package in

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Install the Hosted Payment Pages Package in

See Payment Pages Settings for information on how to configure with Zuora Quotes.

Prerequisite: Default Gateway

Before installing the package, you must create a default gateway in Zuora. See Selecting and Signing up for a Payment Gateway for more information. 

Install the Hosted Payment Pages Package for Salesforce 

  1. Navigate to the link provided by Zuora. 
  2. On the Package Installation Details screen, verify that you are installing the correct package: Zuora Hosted Payment Method Integration
  3. Click Continue
  4. On Approve Package API Access screen, click Next to continue. 
  5. In the Choose Security Level screen, use the Security Settings to set the level of access that you want to provide for user groups. Then click Next


  1. Click Install in the Install Package screen. The Install Complete screen will appear.

What's Next

After installing the managed package, Create a Hosted Payment Page in Zuora.

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