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Optimize - Zephr Trend


Optimize - Zephr Trend

Zephr Trend is a dashboard tool, provided as part of Optimize, which provides a summary of the behaviour of your end users across your sites. You can use the Trend dashboard to visualise key metrics along the subscriber lifecycle.

Note: To use Zephr Trend, you must use Zephr as your Identity Management Platform. This is because the data is populated from the user information stored in Zephr. If you use a third-party identity platform or JWT tokens, the Trend dashboard cannot be populated.

The dashboard provides insights essential information in an ever-evolving digital landscape, such as the following:

  • The number of new subscribers over time
  • Your top products
  • The number of active users
  • The subscriber churn rate

If you have Optimize enabled, you see the Zephr Trend dashboard on the home screen, as illustrated below:


You can return to the Trend dashboard from any screen in the Admin Console by selecting either of the following:

  • Home from the main menu
  • The Zephr logo on the left of the screen

The Trend dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Commercial Trends

    The Commercial Trends section provides data on the following:

    • Subscribers over time
    • Churn rate
    • Top products

    For further information on the data presented in the Commercial Trends section, see the Commercial Trends Data topic.

  • Community Performance

    The Community Performance section provides data on your registered users as follows:

    • Total registered users
    • Registered users over time

    For further information on the data presented in the Community Trends section, see the Community Trends Data topic.

Note: Optimize also supports in-rule analytics using Zephr Journey. For further information on using Zephr Journey, see the Optimize – Zephr Journey topic.

Download Zephr Trend Data

You can download the information provided by each graph in your Zephr Trend dashboard as follows:

  • For further analyses in other tools
  • For inclusion in a presentation or report

To download the data from a graph in the dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Hover over the graph containing the data you want to download

    Options display in the top right of the graph section, as illustrated below:


  2. Select the three dots
  3. Select Download
  4. Select the format in which you want to download the data. The options are as follows:
    • Image

      You can use the image in your presentations and reports.

    • CSV File

      You can upload the CSV file to another tool, such as Excel or an analytics tool such as Google Analytics or Tableau.