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Optimize - Zephr Trend


Optimize - Zephr Trend

Zephr Trend is a dashboard tool, provided as part of Optimize, which provides a summary of the behaviour of your end users across your sites. You can use the Trend dashboard to visualise key metrics along the subscriber lifecycle.

Note: To use Zephr Trend, you must use Zephr as your Identity Management Platform. This is because the data is populated from the user information stored in Zephr. If you use a third-party identity platform or JWT tokens, the Trend dashboard cannot be populated.

The dashboard provides insights essential information in an ever-evolving digital landscape, such as the following:

  • The number of new subscribers over time
  • Your top products
  • The number of active users
  • The subscriber churn rate

If you have Optimize enabled, you see the Zephr Trend dashboard on the home screen, as illustrated below:


You can return to the Trend dashboard from any screen in the Admin Console by selecting either of the following:

  • Home from the main menu
  • The Zephr logo on the left of the screen

The Trend dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Commercial Trends

    The Commercial Trends section provides data on the following:

    • Subscribers over time
    • Churn rate
    • Top products

    For further information on the data presented in the Commercial Trends section, see the Commercial Trends Data topic.

  • Community Performance

    The Community Performance section provides data on your registered users as follows:

    • Total registered users
    • Registered users over time

    For further information on the data presented in the Community Trends section, see the Community Trends Data topic.

You can download the data from your Trends dashboard, as described in the Download Zephr Trend Data topic.

Note: Optimize also supports in-rule analytics using Zephr Journey. For further information on using Zephr Journey, see the Optimize – Zephr Journey topic.