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Manual journal entries


Manual journal entries

Business transactions are first recorded in a journal and then transferred to the book of accounts. A manual journal entry (MJE) that is recorded in a company's general journal usually consists of the transaction date, the amounts and accounts that will be debited, and the amounts and accounts that will be credited.

In Zuora Revenue, you must complete certain setups before revenue can be released based on the uploaded MJE. For more information, see MJE setups.

For information about how to upload MJE to Zuora Revenue, see MJE upload. For information about how to fix the data validation errors for an MJE upload, see MJE validation error messages.

After MJE is successfully uploaded, you can approve or reject the MJE. When MJE schedules are created, you can also review or reverse the MJE. For more information, see Approve or reject MJE.