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Workbench is the complete integration user interface that focuses more on the revenue contract (RC), performance obligations (POB), and transaction lines. You can access the Workbench from the Zuora Revenue main menu and the following options are available under the Workbench section:

  • Revenue Contracts
    Use this option to access the Revenue Contract Detail page where you can view the details of a revenue contract. You can also perform various actions on the RC, POB, and transaction lines, such as:

    • Manually create RC

    • Link and delink RC, POB or transaction lines

    • Reallocate RC, POB, or transaction lines

    • Close RC, POB and transaction lines

    • Generate forecasts

    • Switch guidance or allocations

    • Retain allocations

    • Release or defer POB

    • Pre-summarize RC

  • Manage Mass Actions
    Use this option to access the Batches page where you can create batch jobs to run against RC, POBs, transactions, or accounting, such as:

    • Defer or release cost for POB

    • Defer or release revenue for POB

    • Update POB

    • Close or open RC

    • Apply or release hold for RC

    • Re-allocation RC

    • Unfreeze RC

    • Update attributes for transactions

    • Apply or release hold for transactions

    • Update accounting schedules

    • Amortize accounting schedules

  • Approvals
    Use this option to access the Approvals page where you can approve or reject either the revenue contract and the MJE. You can also perform a bulk approval for all revenue contracts or MJEs.

  • Holds
    Use this option to access the Holds page where you can view the holds that are pending for approval and approve the holds that were released. You can also filter the holds based on different levels (RC, POB, or Line) with the Hold Level drop-down list.

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