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Integration service (BI Views V2)


Integration service (BI Views V2)

In 36.008.00, a new version of the integration service is released. It is a new set of BI Views API specifications and referred to as BI Views V2 in the documentation. The BI Views APIs are used to download Zuora Revenue data into your data warehouse systems. Compared with the previous version, this new version enables accelerated downloads, downloading of large datasets, and assures data consistency. This section provides details about the new features of BI Views V2, the suggested pattern to consume these APIs, sample codes, and FAQs.

Integration service endpoints

Going forward, the Zuora Revenue integration services are available from the provided vanity URL. For example, the Zuora Revenue instance is accessed from the following URL:

Then, the integration service is available from the following URL:

The new version of BI views operations is available under the following path:

For detailed API specifications, see Zuora Revenue API Reference.

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