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Zuora Connect enables developers to build and distribute apps that enhance the capabilities of the Zuora platform. To browse the available apps, visit the Zuora Connect app marketplace.

You can also access the Zuora Connect app marketplace by navigating to My Connect > Marketplace in your Zuora tenant.

To enable the My Connect section in your Zuora tenant, contact  Zuora Global Support. Include your tenant's ID and environment type in the request.

Purchase a Zuora Connect App

To purchase an app for your organization, click Purchase on the app's overview page. Zuora will then contact you with information about completing the purchase and setting up the app.

Purchased apps can be used by all of your organization’s Zuora administrators and Zuora standard users. See Control Access to Zuora Connect for more information.

You must have a Zuora Connect account to purchase apps in the Zuora Connect app marketplace. To sign up for Zuora Connect, visit

Use a Zuora Connect App

To view the apps that your organization has purchased, navigate to My Connect > Purchases.

Each app has an overview page that explains how the app extends or customizes the Zuora platform. You may have to log in to Zuora Connect to view detailed usage instructions for the app.

Control Access to Zuora Connect

To prevent a user from accessing Zuora Connect in your Zuora tenant, assign the user a Zuora Platform role that has the permission API Write Access disabled.

The default Zuora Platform roles Standard User and Administrator have the API Write Access permission enabled. See Platform Roles for more information.

Develop a Zuora Connect App

If you are a developer and are interested in building a Zuora Connect app, use the Zuora Connect starter pack to learn how to build a basic app, then use the comprehensive Zuora API to fully integrate your app with the Zuora platform.

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