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Zuora Connect is a platform that hosts pre-built applications, extensions, interfaces, and tools from technology partners, system integrators, and developers across the globe, making it easier for you to launch subscription businesses based on the Zuora solution. 

You browse and purchase apps in the Zuora Connect marketplace.

Get Started

Before purchasing and deploying apps, you need to have a Zuora Connect account and link your Zuora tenant with your Connect account. 

Available Apps

The following apps (grouped by category or product) are available in the Zuora Connect marketplace. Some apps are grouped together and sold as standalone products (such as Zuora Collect). Click an app link to see the documentation for the app.


  • Configurable Payment Retry
  • Configurable Lockbox
  • Collections Window
  • Advanced Payment Manager
  • Statement Generator
  • Notes
  • Disputes
  • Workflow (part of the Collect product, or a standalone product)



  • Cybersource Settlement Report
  • Danske Bank - Direct Debit Interface
  • Merchant e-Solutions Settlements Payment Reconciliation
  • Payment Gateways
  • Payment OCR Numbering
  • Tokenized Payment Gateway
  • Vantiv Chargebacks
  • Vantiv Settlements

General Apps

  • Developer Tools
  • Enhanced Invoice Numbering
  • ESR/BVR Production
  • Flexera Connector
  • Insights Connector
  • Invoice Amount Conversion
  • Number Translator
  • PaaS (Custom JAR Hosting)
  • Prepaid Drawdown
  • Configurable Summary Level GL Interface
  • Tax
  • Zuora Connector for NetSuite UI
  • Zuora to Apple App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Amazon App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Amazon App Store Sync

Connect Administration

  • Share an App Instance
  • Control Access to My Connect
    To prevent a user from accessing the My Connect menu in your Zuora tenant, assign the user a Zuora Platform role that has the permission "API Write Access" disabled.
  • Create an OAuth Login in Zuora Connect
    Some apps use OAuth to authenticate to your Zuora tenant. See the page to learn about how to create an OAuth login for your tenant.

App Help

To ask a question or view discussions about an app, visit Zuora Community.

Develop an App

If you are a developer and are interested in building an app, get started at Quick Start.

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