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Audit Trail


Audit Trail

Audit Trail, as a product feature and add-on SKU, is available for Enterprise and Nine editions by default.  If your Zuora edition is Growth, you must purchase this feature.

Zuora Audit Trail helps you increase transparency in your corporate financial reporting and maintain internal controls over your company’s accounting and financials. Zuora Audit Trail currently supports the following capabilities:

  • Track, log and report on a user’s login history
  • Track, log and report on setting changes of Billing, Payment, Commerce, and Finance.
  • Track, log and report on activities in user management settings.

Authorized users can generate the Audit Trail reports through Data Query. The Audit Trail records are stored in the following tables:

  • auditloginevent for login history
  • auditsettingchangeevent for user management and other settings changes

Users in one of the following Platform Roles are authorized to access Audit Trail records:

  • Administrator
  • A custom role that has Audit Trail Access permission

Note that Zuora Audit Trail starts tracking and logging audit information when the feature is enabled in your tenant. Historical audit information before the enablement does not exist.