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Zuora Reporting is a fully-integrated analytics solution that provides a comprehensive view into the financial and operational health of your subscription business. Reporting is designed especially for subscription business models and is included in the Zuora platform at no additional cost.

For a demonstration of how to get started with Reporting, see Create a Summary Report.

We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.

Actively monitor the health and performance of your subscription businessReporting_Demo_Churned_Subscriptions.gif

  • Pre-Built Report Library - Best practice reports with key subscription metrics like MRR, Churn, Usage, Deferred Revenue available for you right out of the box. See Standard Reports.
  • Intuitive Report Builder - Easily drag and drop fields to dynamically customize your reports and view your business by entity, region, or product line. See Create a Summary Report and Create a Detail Report.
  • Report Scheduling & Sharing - Automatically schedule report runs and share them with your colleagues directly in Zuora or via email. See Schedule Report Runs.
  • Sophisticated Data Model - Build meaningful reports by leveraging the relationships within your Zuora data. See Picking the Right Data Source.

Zuora Reporting also gives you the ability to export your data from Zuora. See Data Exports.

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