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Events and Notifications


Events and Notifications

You can use email and callout notifications to automate communications with your customers. Email notifications are sent to your customers through the Zuora email feature, and callout notifications send information to a specified web page or URL via an HTTPS call to an external web service. Both types of notifications provide information regarding events that occur in Zuora. See Supported Event Types for a full list of events.

Zuora notification system processes the events in the same order in which they are triggered. However, due to various circumstances, such as callout retries, concurrency, and network latency, among others, Zuora does not guarantee the timing or the order in which the callout notifications will be delivered.

Creating Notifications

See Creating and Editing Notifications for instructions about creating notifications. 

Email Templates for Notifications

You can use email templates and merge tables and fields to manage the content of notification messages. You can customize notification messages using the merge tables and fields either in the default profile or with additional profiles. If multiple profiles exist, you can assign different customer accounts to use different profiles.

Adding Users to Notification Messages

You can also add more people to the notification list. The email templates include CC Email and BCC Email fields that can accept lists of email addresses. You can configure the recipient list for each type of notification used in your Zuora system. See Creating Email Templates for more information. 

Using Your Own SMTP Server

You can use your own SMTP server to send out email notifications instead of using Zuora's default email server. The benefits of using your own SMTP server are:

  • More control over emails delivered to your customers because messages are sent through your own server
  • Ability to access sent email records through your SMTP server logs
  • No need to whitelist Zuora email servers because messages are sent through your own server.

See Configure an SMTP Server for Email Notifications for more information.