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Retrieve: Data Query


Retrieve: Data Query

This task exports data from your tenant by running SQL queries. Because of the flexibility of SQL, you can use a single SQL query to retrieve data from multiple data objects that are not pre-joined by Zuora.

The data query task runs the entered query and exports data in a ZIP or CSV file. 

See SQL Queries in Data Query for the supported SQL syntax, the available tables, and sample queries.

Task settings

  • File Format: Select the format for the exported file. Available formats are CSV, TSV, DSV, and JSON.
  • Stop when no result returned: Select this option if you want the workflow to stop at this task if the query returns no data.
  • Use index join: If you want to use index join in your query, select this option. For more information about using index join in a data query task, see Use index join.
  • Compressed: Select whether you want to zip the output file. This option is selected by default. 
  • Read deleted: If selected, the query will only retrieve objects that are soft deleted. If not selected, only active objects will be retrieved. You cannot retrieve both soft-deleted and active data in a single data query task.