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Use the generate() call to generate an on demand invoice for a specific customer. This process is similar to the process in the Zuora user interface in which you create an ad-hoc bill run for a specific customer account. This SOAP API reference includes syntax, call wrappers and container descriptions, requirements, and examples.

Usage notes

  • Supported objects: Invoice
  • Version availability: WSDL 11.0+
  • Asynchronous process: yes

The id of the generated invoice is returned in the response. If multiple invoices are generated, only the id of the first invoice generated is returned. This occurs when an account has multiple subscriptions with the invoice subscription separately option enabled.


The following fields are required for this call:


This example call generates an invoice with the following characteristics:

  • Customer account ID: 8a8ae4b122561fc00122562fbc3d0002
  • Date: July 7, 2016
  • Include all charge types
  • Default status is Draft


<SOAP-ENV:Envelopexmlns:SOAP-ENV=""xmlns:ns2=""xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ns1="">
     <ns1:zObjects xsi:type="ns2:Invoice">


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <ns1:generateResponse xmlns:ns1="">


Rate limit: 8000 calls per 10-minute block, per-tenant

If you approach or exceed the limits, then you receive a 429 error.

Multi-threading causes you to approach limits more quickly.

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