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NetSuite Connector


NetSuite Connector

NetSuite Connector is an optional solution that leverages the core capabilities of both the Zuora and NetSuite applications. Zuora manages complex subscriptions and NetSuite is a hosted General Ledger (GL) System.

The NetSuite Connector User Guide describes how to install, configure, and use NetSuite Connector. In addition, it contains reference and troubleshooting information.

All NetSuite Connector customers are allowed for one 120-day trial instance per account. All instances created after the 120-day expiration require the purchase of a license. After a license has been purchased, you can assign the license to this instance via submitting a request to Zuora Global Support. Instances with an associated license are permanent.


The NetSuite Connector has the following limitations:

  • NetSuite Connector is not compatible with the Prepaid Drawdown Zuora Connect app.
  • NetSuite Connector is not compatible with Automated Revenue Management (ARM).
  • Zuora does not recommend that you create orders from NetSuite to Zuora because it can cause potential problems.
  • Netsuite’s integration ID is not synchronized on invoice items when Invoice settlement is enabled.
  • You cannot sync existing custom fields or add custom fields to the synced objects.