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Zuora Release Notes


Zuora Release Notes

This article lists the Zuora product versions that are currently available in Zuora’s Production and Sandbox environments. This article also provides links to the release notes for each Zuora product version.

The best way to get notified of upcoming releases for Zuora products is to subscribe to the notifications in Zuora Community. For Zuora Billing, Zuora CPQ, Zuora Marketplace, Zuora Collections, Zuora Workflow, Zuora Commerce, Zuora Analytics, Zuora Insights, subscribe to Release Notifications. For Zuora Revenue, subscribe to Zuora Revenue Notifications.

Zuora Billing

Environment Current Version Release Date
Production R309 (release notes for R309) September 16, 2021
Sandbox R310 (release notes for R310) September 17, 2021

Zuora CPQ

Product Release Current Version Release Date
Zuora Quotes Version 9 9.42 (release notes for 9.42) September 2021
Zuora 360 Version 5   5.12 (release notes for 5.12) May 2021
Zuora 360+ N/A July 21, 2021 (release notes) July 2021
Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ Version 3  3.6.1 (release notes for 3.6.1) March 2020

Zuora Platform

See the following releases for the Zuora Platform features:

See Zuora Platform Release Notes for a full list of Zuora Platform feature release notes.

Zuora Marketplace

See Zuora Marketplace Release Notes for the latest features and enhancements of Marketplace apps. 

Zuora Collections

See Zuora Collections Release Notes for the latest features and enhancements of Collections. 

Zuora Commerce

See Zuora Commerce Release Notes for the latest features and enhancements of Commerce apps.

Zuora Revenue

See  Zuora Revenue Release Notes for detailed information about Zuora Revenue new features, enhancements, and documentation updates in the latest version.

Zuora Insights

See Insights Product Release Notes for the latest features of Zuora Insights.

About Zuora Release Notes

We update this article as soon as possible after each Zuora product release. However, there may be a short delay in some circumstances. The release notes for a new version of a Zuora product are typically published shortly after the new version is available in the Sandbox environment.

Prior to the new version becoming available in the Production environment, We may update the release notes with additional information such as links to detailed documentation for product enhancements and new product features.