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Use Workflow APIs


Use Workflow APIs

You can use Workflow REST APIs to complete most of the basic tasks for Workflow. Workflow REST APIs are part of the Zuora REST APIs and use OAuth to authenticate to the API gateway. 

To learn about how to make authenticated calls, see Authentication in the API Reference.

Available operations

The following API operations are supported. For details about these operations, refer to the Workflows section in the API Reference.

  • List workflows
  • Retrieve a workflow
  • Delete a workflow
  • Update a workflow definition
  • Run a workflow
  • Export a workflow
  • Import a workflow
  • List workflow tasks
  • Retrieve a workflow task
  • Rerun a workflow task
  • Update workflow tasks
  • Retrieve workflow task usage

How to find the workflow ID or task ID?

To find a workflow ID, you can make a request to the "Get workflows" operation. In the data payload of the response, you can find the ID for your workflow.

Finding the ID of a task is similar. Make a request to the "Get tasks" operations and locate the ID of the task in the data payload of the response.