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Get Started with Command Center


Get Started with Command Center


The Zuora Command Center, hosted on and accessed via Zuora OneId, offers a centralized platform for administrators. It provides a range of functionalities, allowing them to effortlessly monitor system health, manage users, handle support tickets, access consumption metrics, and explore new features — all from a single location.

Zuora’s command center helps you with the following benefits,

  • Monitor system health: Based on your business needs, Zuora has integrated significant health components that use indicators to highlight information, issues, and warnings based on products such as payments, billing, invoicing, taxes, and more. You can drill a component to have an overall view of metrics at every level of the aggregation.

  • Multi-tenant management: In general, admins of an organization manage the roles and user access to different Zuora tenants. With command center, you can track multiple tenants in one place, manage their trust status, inspect a component to view metrics, and review their system health. For more information, see OneID.

  • Monitor Consumption: Monitor and assess usage to ensure it aligns with the objective. Evaluate the existing workflow using management tools to avoid inefficiencies caused by excessive or inadequate usage.

  • Connect Zuora Support: Access support tickets with a one-time authorization. Track and view existing tickets using filters or create new tickets without having the complexity of redirecting to the support page every time.

  • View performance dashboard for Support: Analyze support trends with performance analytics dashboards to view the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the tickets in queue, their average queue response time, the average duration of support conversations, and the number of new support conversations per day.

Set up Command Center

This article briefs you on how to get started with the Command Center as an organization admin.

  • Configure OneID: Command Center requires One Identity configuration for access and management. Zuora OneID, hosted on, is a centralized user and role management module that helps you manage user account provisioning across Zuora tenants in your organization.

    • If you are a new user, see OneID activation to know more about the configuration and setup.

    • If you are an existing user and have logged in to OneID as an organization admin, contact your customer success manager or create a support ticket to Zuora seeking access to the EA of Command Center.

  • Access OneID: After the OneID setup, use and navigate to Home to view the command center portal.  

Command Center users

A Command Center user is a person with administrative access in your organization. For example, administrator, developer, system implementer, and so on.

User provisioning and single sign-on

The Command Center employs OneID to access multiple applications and manage tenants without re-entering your credentials. You can do this by logging in to your IdPs and gaining access to any registered service providers (SPs). To configure SSO for your OneID application, see Configure SSO for OneID.

If you're a first-time user of OneID, your first step is to sign up for a OneID account. After the initial one-time authorization of your OneID account, no additional login is required for recurrent access.