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Insights Overview


Insights Overview

Insights Behavioral

Understand and predict your subscriber behaviors




Segment your subscribers according to common traits and behaviors



  • Subscriber Segments - Group your subscribers by common traits and behaviors to uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities, highest churn risks, and more.
  • Dynamic Segment Builder - Enable your whole company to easily filter attributes, metrics, and events to get real-time insights. See Create a Segment.
  • Segment Dashboards - Stay up to date on movements within each subscriber segment with a visualized dashboard highlighting your most valued metrics. See Segment Profiles in Insights.
  • Email Alerts - Set up real-time notifications as soon as a new opportunity pops up or an account becomes at risk of churn. See Enable Email Notifications for a Segment.


Connect your existing systems

Insights Reference Architecture.png


Insights Analysis

Report on your subscription business
  • Flexible Reporting - Dig deeper into subscription metrics by creating custom reports. See Insights Analysis.
  • Key Subscription Metrics - Insights Analysis data sources include booking metrics, monthly rollup metrics, and transactions.