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Webhook Credentials


Webhook Credentials

You can add basic auth credentials for your webhooks to allow for more secure communication. You can add credentials on the Webhook Credentials page and then apply the credentials when configuring webhooks.

Take the following steps to add a credential:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Webhook Credentials
  2. Click + Add
  3. In the Create Webhook Credentials window that opens, specify a name for the credential, and then enter the username and password. You can click Show password to display the entered password. Note: After a credential is created, you will not be able to see the value of the password field again.
  4. Click Create

The newly-created credential will show up in the webhook credential list.

For more information about how to add the credential to a webhook, see Webhooks.

Pay attention to the following notes on webhook credentials:

  • You cannot delete credentials that are used by a webhook.
  • To apply the credentials for a webhook, the target endpoint must use HTTPS.