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Zuora Billing


Zuora Billing

The Billing extension allows you to use Zuora Billing as the payment provider for your subscription services.

To set up the integration, you must complete configurations on both Zuora and Zephr. The main steps are as follows.

Part 1. Configurations in the Zuora console:

  1. Create a custom field on the Subscription object
  2. Create a Hosted Payment Page
  3. (Optional) Set up Notifications
  4. Create products

Part 2. Configurations in the Zephr console:

  1. Add user attributes
  2. Configure the Billing extension
  3. Create Zephr products
  4. Create Payment Form pages

You are recommended to go through Notes on the Zuora Billing extension for explanations of relevant concepts and troubleshooting tips.

Note: As a prerequisite, you must already have a Zuora tenant.