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Using Insights Behavioral


Using Insights Behavioral

All Insights users can explore accounts, users, events, and segments:

  • Accounts in Insights correspond to the subscriber accounts in your Zuora tenant.

    Each account has a profile page that is displayed when you navigate to the account from the Accounts page or another part of the Insights user interface. You can also view an account's profile page by searching for the account. See Using Account Dashboards for more information about account profile pages.

  • Users in Insights correspond to the individual users of your application.

    Each user is a member of one of your customer accounts. Users also have profile pages in Insights. See Using User Dashboards for more information.

  • Events in Insights correspond to actions performed by the users of your application.

    You can use Insights to discover how the different parts of your application are used by your subscribers. See View Trending Events and Event History and Compare Event History for Accounts and Users for more information.

  • Segments in Insights are dynamic groups of similar accounts.

    When you create a segment, you specify the attributes and activity trends that characterize the accounts in the segment. You can use the segment's profile page to analyze the health of the accounts. You can also track when accounts enter and exit the segment. See Create a Segment and Segment Profiles in Insights for more information.

    You can also create segments that dynamically group similar users. See User Segments in Insights for more information.

The articles in this section will help you get the most out of the capabilities of the Insights user interface.