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Create a Segment


Create a Segment

Segments in Insights dynamically include accounts based on event, session, attribute, and metric criteria that you specify using the query builder.

As you use the query builder, Insights displays the number of accounts that will be included in the segment, along with a preview of the accounts. For example:


You can customize the column arrangement of the previewed accounts by hiding, showing, and moving columns. When other Insights users view the accounts in the segment, Insights will initially use the column arrangement that you specify.

The following instructions explain how to use the query builder to create account segments. You can also use the query builder to create user segments. See User Segments in Insights for more information.

To create a new segment:

  1. Navigate to Segments.

    The Segments page opens and displays a list of segments.

  2. Click Create Account Segment.

    The query builder opens.

  3. To start using the query builder, click Add criterion, then select the type of the first segment criterion.

    Insights displays fields to enable you to specify the segment criterion. For example:


    When you fully specify the segment criterion, Insights displays a preview of the accounts that will be included in the segment.

    You can use the Add criterion button to create additional segment criteria. By default, the segment will include the accounts that meet all the segment criteria. That is, by default, the segment is defined by a logical AND condition.

  4. (Optional) To have the segment include the accounts that meet at least one of the segment criteria, click AND.

    AND changes to OR, to indicate that the segment is defined by a logical OR condition.

  5. (Optional) To nest a segment criterion within a logical condition, click Insights_Query_Builder_Menu.png to the left of the segment criterion.

    Insights replaces the segment criterion by a logical condition. For example:


    Specify the type of logical condition, then click Add criterion to insert another segment criterion.

  6. After you have finished specifying segment criteria, click Save as Segment.

    Instead of saving the segment, you can use the Tag Accounts button to add tags to the previewed accounts. You can use the Export button to export data about the previewed accounts in CSV format.

Insights displays the profile page of the new segment. See Segment Profiles in Insights for more information.

By default, every Insights user in your organization can modify the segment. To prevent other Insights users from modifying the segment, select Options > Edit Segment Permissions on the profile page of the segment, then select Only creator can edit this segment and click Save.

You can also create a new segment by clicking Create Segment on the Accounts page.