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Insights Behavioral: Identify Accounts With an Upcoming Subscription Renewal


Insights Behavioral: Identify Accounts With an Upcoming Subscription Renewal

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Insights to create a segment that includes all of your accounts with an subscription renewal within the next 90 days. After creating the segment, you can set up email alerts to be notified when an account enters the segment.

To create the segment and set up email alerts:

  1. Navigate to Insights > Segments.

    The Segments page opens and displays a list of segments.

  2. Click Create Account Segment:


    The query builder opens.

  3. Click Add criterion, then select Where an attribute value is.

  4. Select Subscriber Status:


  5. Select equals then Active:


    "Active" means that the segment criterion will match accounts that have at least one subscription with an effective rate plan charge.

    See Create a Segment for more information about using the segment builder.

  6. Add an attribute criteria for "Next Renewal Date is on or before 90 days from now":


  7. Click Save as Segment.

    The Save Account Segment page opens.

  8. Name the segment "Active Subscribers up for Renewal in 90 Days", then click Save.

    Insights displays the profile page of the new segment. The profile page of the segment provides an at-a-glance dashboard of key metrics. See Segment Profiles in Insights for more information.

  9. On the profile page of the segment, click Options, then select Set Up Email Alerts.

    The Email Alerts page opens.

  10. Choose to be notified when an account enters the segment, then click Save.

Each day the segment changes, Insights will send you a summary of the day's changes. See Enable Email Notifications for a Segment for an example. This enables you take action as soon as an account is within 90 days of the next renewal date.