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Known Limitations in Orders

This feature is only available if you have the Orders feature enabled. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

This article describes the known limitations in the current version of Orders.

Limitations for Core Zuora

The below table describes known limitations in core Zuora.

Feature Limitations

Zuora UI

Order Actions

  • You cannot suspend and resume a subscription as part of an order.

  • During a Terms and Conditions Order Action, you cannot change the subscription term end date before the renewal term start date.


  • Discounts are not supported at the account level. Discount metrics are calculated for subscription and rate plan level discounts.

  • Update fix-amount discount is not supported.

  • The new discount feature where discount can have discount class and apply to individual charges is not yet supported.

    • If you have the new discount feature turned on, you can't turn on the Order setting.

    • Once you turn on the Order setting, you can no longer turn on the new discount feature.

    • If you have existing data from the new discount feature, you cannot turn on the Order setting.

    • You cannot change the discounts that are at rate plan level or subscription level to account level.

Order Dates

  • An order must have all trigger dates specified. When creating a subscription as part of an order, three possible delay triggers can be specified, contract effective date, service activation date, and customer acceptance date. If all three are used, all three must be specified for an order. You cannot enter a single date and then enter the other dates later.

Trigger Condition

  • You are not allowed to update the trigger condition for the rate plan charges.


  • Features are copied from your product catalog to subscriptions, but you cannot override features.

See the REST API Reference for how to programmatically implement orders in Zuora.

Limitations for Zuora for Salesforce

The below table describes known limitations in Zuora for Salesforce.

Feature Limitations


  • Zuora Quotes does not currently support representation of a set of future dated Order Actions and future dated charges (Ramp Deals) in our Quote Templates.


  • Zuora Quotes does not currently support Bundling with Orders (dependent on System Custom Fields support).

Invoice Owner Transfer
  • Invoice Owner Transfer is supported, but you will need to do an Amendment Quote to transfer the Owner.
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