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Update an order line item


Update an order line item

There are two ways to update an order line item:

  • In the Zuora application, access the order line item details page and then update the order line item.
  • Use the "Update an order line item" operation.

Use the Zuora application

To update an order line item from the UI, complete the following steps:  

  1. Navigate to Customers > Orders. The Orders page opens and lists the orders in your tenant. The order line items included in an order are listed in the ORDER LINE ITEMS column.

  2. If you can directly identify the order line item you are to update, click the corresponding item name in the ORDER LINE ITEMS column. The order line item details page opens. Go to Step 5 to update the order line item.

    Otherwise, you need to first search for the order that includes the order line item you are to update. For information about how to search for an order, see View the Details of an Order.

  3. Once you find the order that includes the order line item, click the order number in blue in the ORDER column. The order details page opens.

  4. In the Order Line Items area, identify the specific order line item you are to update, and click the order line item name in the ITEM NAME column. The order line item details page opens.

  5. On the top right of the order line item details page, click the pencil icon to open the edit window. 

  6. Update the detailed information about the order line item. Depending on the item state, some of the fields may not be editable. Fields that are not editable are grayed out. See Update an order line item for more information about the editable fields. 

  7. After you are finished, click the Save Changes button on the top right. 

Use the REST API

Use the Update an order line item operation to update an order line item. Keep the following points in mind when you run the "Update an order" operation:

  • Determine the required field "itemId" and other required custom fields for the order line item.

  • The fields of an order line item are only editable in certain states, depending on the "itemState" field. See the field description for the Update an order line item operation.

The following API request updates an existing order line item in an order.

Request PUT /v1/order-line-items/{itemId}
Request Body
  "itemName": "LMS Training Fee",
  "itemType": "Product",
  "description": "webcam",
  "purchaseOrderNumber": "PO-12345678",
  "productCode": "P-0000001",
  "quantity": 10,
  "amountPerUnit": 499,
  "listPricePerUnit": 500,
  "transactionStartDate": "2021-02-01",
  "transactionEndDate": "2021-02-01",
  "itemState": "SentToBilling",
  "billTargetDate": "2021-02-01"