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Generate tax reports


Generate tax reports

Zuora provides two data sources that you can use to generate tax reports:

To generate a tax report:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Reporting.

    The Reporting page opens and lists the available standard reports, along with your saved reports.

  2. Click Create New Report.

    The Datasources page opens.

  3. Click Taxation Item or Invoice Item Adjustment.

    The report builder opens and displays a sample report.

  4. (Optional) Customize the report. See Create a Summary Report for more information.

  5. At the top right of the report builder, click Save Report & Run.

    The Save & Run dialog box opens.

  6. Give the report a name, then click Save & Run.

    Reporting displays the report results.

  7. (Optional) To export the results table as a CSV file, click Export.

    You can open the exported CSV file in Excel.