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Configure integration with Avalara


Configure integration with Avalara

To ingrate with Avalara, you have to configure Avalara settings and Zuora settings.

The following video is provided by Avalara for your reference. It demonstrates the integration between Zuora and Avalara. It does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the Zuora UI.

Configure Avalara settings

It is assumed you have access to an active and fully configured Avalara account. This includes setting your nexus jurisdictions, customer exemptions, items, tax codes and tax rules. For general information about Avalara, visit For detailed configuration steps, see

Configure Zuora settings

At a high level, configuring Zuora to work with Avalara involves the following steps:

  1. Set up Connection to AvalaraAdd Avalara as a tax engine in your tenant, and set up the connection.
  2. Configure Avalara Tax Codes in Zuora BillingCreate tax codes in Zuora and associate them with your tax codes in Avalara.
  3. Associate Tax Codes to Product Charges: Set the Taxable flag on the charge in order for it to display the Tax Codes. Choose the applicable Tax Code to use for that product.
  4. Configure your Tenant Profile and PermissionsSet your origin address in Zuora and verify this address for compatibility in Avalara. Add Company Codes and additional origin addresses. Disable the Cancel Posted Invoice permission.
  5. Create Tax Exemptions: Specify whether each customer account is tax exempt or not tax exempt.