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E-invoicing with Avalara


E-invoicing with Avalara

Introduce the process of integration with Avalara. Zuora E-Invoice framework enables you to build country and customers specific integration with Avalara E-Invoice solution.

This guide is intended for Zuora Global Service engineers and customer developers who wish to configure e-invoice file templates for Avalara integration.

The Zuora E-Invoicing feature provides the extensibility and configurability to empower you to build country- and customer-specific integrations with Avalara E-Invoice solution including:

  • Create e-invoice file templates to streamline integration for pre-integrated countries
  • Provide Peppol network and Clearance processes to streamline integration for countries not pre-integrated

Pre-integrated countries

Zuora is pre-integrated with some countries supported by Avalara, which streamlines the integration process with Avalara if you want to e-invoice customers in these countries. For example, Zuora provides default e-invoice file templates and response field mapping for these countries.

Note that you can also e-invoice customers in other countries supported by Avalara, including those not pre-integrated with Zuora. For Avalara, Zuora supports countries that are part of the Peppol network and a few countries that are not part of Peppol but follow the country-specific invoice clearance process. 

The following table lists all pre-integrated countries:


Default e-invoicing file template for Invoice

Default e-invoicing file template for Credit Memo

Default e-invoicing file template for Debit Memo

Country specific configurations





See Configurations for Mexico.





See Configurations for Australia.


Before integrating with Avalara, complete the following prerequisite tasks:

E-Invoice integration process

You can follow the tasks below to complete integration with Avalara and customize e-invoice file templates:

  1. Configure Avalara sandbox environment
  2. Configure Zuora E-Invoicing feature
  3. Configure e-invoice file template and complete end-to-end testing
  4. Launch on production environment

E-invoicing with Avalara V1.png