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Embed images into invoice templates


Embed images into invoice templates

Zuora now supports embedding images in addition to barcodes into invoice files. To achieve this, you can add a custom merge field with size specified to any invoice template. 

Use the following format for your custom image merge field:
{ MERGEFIELD Image:{Merge field} \d\* HxW in (inches/pixels) }

For example:

{ MERGEFIELD Image:Invoice.qrCode_c \d\* 50x50 px }

Embed images into invoices

To embed an image into an invoice file, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a custom field for an object the supports custom fields, for example, the Account object.
  2. Add the custom image merge filed to the invoice template.
  3. When creating a customer account, specify a valid image URL for the custom image merge field.
  4. Generate PDF or Word files for an invoice.


The following merge field example will return an image in the invoice PDF or Word file.

Example invoice template:


Returned example invoice file:



When you embed images in addition to barcodes into invoice templates, pay attention to the following limitations.

  • A maximum of two images can be embedded into each template.
  • The maximum size of each image to be embedded cannot exceed 2 MB. If an oversized image is embedded into an invoice template, no PDF or Word files are generated.
  • Unstable network conditions might cause a timeout when fetching external images. In this situation, no PDF or Word files are generated.
  • If the URL of the external image to be embedded is invalid, no PDF or Word files are generated.