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Charge Metrics


Charge Metrics

Zuora Charge Metrics provides a service for you to access the following key metrics for Rate Plan Charges in Zuora.

  • Gross MRR
  • Discount MRR
  • Net MRR
  • Gross TCV
  • Discount TCV
  • Net TCV

For the definition of MRR and how MRR is calculated in Zuora, see Monthly Recurring Revenue

For the definition of TCV and how TCV is calculated in Zuora, see Total Contract Value.

Charge Metrics objects and fields

You can access the Charge Metrics objects and fields through:

For more information about Charge Metrics objects and fields, see Charge Metrics objects and fields.

Common use cases of Charge Metrics

For more information about common use cases of Charge Metrics, see Common use cases of Charge Metrics.