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Preview amendments


Preview amendments

Creating and amending subscriptions in the Zuora Billing UI is only relevant for existing Subscribe and Amend customers who have not transitioned to Orders or Orders Harmonization. Any new customers will not see this UI.

You can preview amendments, similar to how you can preview subscriptions. The amendment preview presents a projected charge summary for the subscription assuming the amendment was successful.

Supported Amendment Types

The amendment preview feature is available for the following amendment types:

  • New product
  • Update product
  • Remove product
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Renewal

You can preview amendments that are in the Draft or Pending states.

Subscription Preview Dates

You can preview a subscription during the period defined in Preview Start Date and Preview Through Date. The period between the preview start date and preview through date must be less than 60 months.

Preview Start Date

The start date of the subscription preview. The subscription start date is used by default.

Preview Through Date

The end date of the subscription preview. You can preview the invoice charges through the preview through date. 

See Preview Through Date for detailed information.

Previewing an Amendment

To preview an amendment:

  1. Create a new amendment.
  2. Click Preview.
  3. If necessary, enter the Contract Effective and Customer Acceptance dates.
  4. Specify a preview start date in the Preview Start Date field. 
  5. Select one of the following options to specify the preview through date in the Preview Through Date area:
    • Next number Billing Periods
    • End of Term
    • Specific Date
  6. Click done when you are finished previewing the charges to return to the amendment entry page.