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Hosted Pages Overview


Hosted Pages Overview


Zuora's hosted commerce pages are easily embedded as iFrames in your pages and can be customized with your company's visual style and a variety of functional options. Since these hosted pages are secure and PCI-compliant, your site can meet the PCI requirements of your payment and gateway providers.

There are 2 types of hosted pages:

  • Checkout page: Checkout pages allow your customers to create a new account, subscribe to a product, and set up a payment method, all on a single hosted page.
  • Payment Method page: This is a simpler page that lets your customers set up a payment method (e.g., provide a credit card). Since it only handles the payment method, it is suitable for a simple workflow or a complex multi-page, multi-product workflow.

These pages are intended as a quick subscription-commerce solution for merchants with relatively simple subscription business models. The imagined use case is:

  • Subscribing customers to a single product rate plan
  • Creating subscriptions for new customers (as opposed to adding subscriptions for your existing customers)

If your business has more complex commerce use cases or customization requirements, Zuora recommends that you consider using our REST API or SOAP API as more powerful and flexible alternatives.

Customers who use Zuora functionality in Salesforce - either with Zuora Quotes or their own Visualforce applications - should see the instructions for implementing hosted pages in Zuora Quotes or through our Zuora CPQ development toolkit.