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View Accounting Period Balances


View Accounting Period Balances

After you have run a trial balance or closed an accounting period, you can view the Balances tab for information about your balances for that period.

Zuora Finance must be enabled on your tenant and you must have Zuora Finance Access permission to view the Accounting Period Balances tab. The Accounting Period Balances tab will not be available if you have the Only Generate Action Required in Trial Balance feature enabled.

Viewing Your Accounting Period Balances

Navigate to Finance > Accounting Periods, select the accounting period you want to view, and then select the Balances tab.

Viewing Consolidated Balances or Balances for Individual Currencies

To view a consolidated balance of all currencies converted into your home currency, select "Consolidated View" from the Currency drop-down menu.

You can also select individual currencies from the drop-down menu to view the balances for that currency only.

Detailed Information About Each Section in the Balance Tab

For detailed information about each of the sections in the Balances tab, see the following: