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Set Up User Access Controls


Set Up User Access Controls


It's very important to control access to sensitive financial data and operations - even within your organization.

In Zuora, this is done by attaching specific permissions to roles, and assigning those roles to individual users. You can create your own customized roles or use the two pre-configured roles that Zuora Finance provides, which work for most typical business environments:

  • The Zuora Finance Standard User role allows access to financial information and provides the ability to create new accounting periods, edit accounting periods (closed or open), run trial balances, and generate financial reports used in your accounting close process. (These include the Accounts Receivable Aging Report, Deferred Revenue Report, Journal Entry Report, and Transaction Detail Report.) The Standard User can also access Zuora Finance Settings, where they can manage custom fields and configure aging buckets.
  • The Zuora Finance Administrator role has all of the Standard User permissions, and also allows the user to close and reopen accounting periods.

By default, every Zuora user is assigned the Zuora Finance Standard User role.

Configuring User Access

You must be a Zuora administrator to create or change user roles and to assign roles to users.

It is not necessary to create custom roles. For many tenants, the pre-configured user roles are all that's needed.

Create a custom Zuora Finance role

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration Settings and select Manage User Roles.
  2. In the View Role List of list, select Finance
  3. Click Add new role. This opens a new page where you can fill in the Basic Information for the custom role.
  4. Enter the Role Name.
  5. Optionally, enter a Description for the custom role.
  6. Select the permissions that you want to set for the role.
  7. Click save

Assign the custom Zuora Finance role to a user

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration Settings and select Manage Users.
  2. Click the user's First NameLast Name, or User Name. Zuora displays the user's Basic Information.
  3. Click edit.
  4. Select the new Finance Role that you just created.
  5. Click save